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Joe Robillard and VMM take Best of Show at Greenwich and Best in Class at Hershey

Collector Car Gallery Opens at Monticello Motor Club


Acquiring, Managing, and Enjoying Your Collector Cars

Our philosophy about car collecting is simple; it’s about making good decisions.

Decisions about what to acquire, how to increase value and ultimately how best to enjoy your collection. Whether it’s your first car or you’re a seasoned collector, we understand and respect the investment you’re making in these dynamic assets.

Each client has a different goal in owning just the right cars. Whether it’s a 100 point concours winner, restoring a barn find, or having a classic “driver.” We work with your specific tastes and objectives to analyze, consult, recommend and acquire the best asset to add to your collection.

Our only focus are your goals. We offer impartial, conflict-free guidance to preserve and increase the value of your collection. Which is why we have relationships with the right specialists and partners to acquire the right automobile, care for the big and little details and finally, prepare the cars to be presented or driven.

Optimize the Joy. Eliminate the Negatives.

There is no denying the adrenaline and pride of acquiring and owning truly exclusive automobiles. Of course, managing the details on your own can be daunting. That’s why we’ve assembled a professional staff and network of experts to eliminate all the little details of ownership from your plate. From research, to restoration, to maintenance and all the little details in between, we will handle the specifics so you can enjoy your cars.

Enjoy Your Collection. Throughout the Life of Your Investment.

Some collectors want to be part of the hunt for just the right car. Some simply want to own something beautiful. No matter which type of collector you are, we will work with you to be sure you have the most enjoyable experience. From races, to rallies, to galleries, to concours and shows, we’ll recommend and create the right opportunities for you to take your cars out in the world.

We’ve been to events all over the world including The London Classic Car Show, Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance, Amelia Island, Peking to Paris Rally, Madrid to Marrakesh Rally and of course the Art in Motion Concours d’Elegance at Monticello Motor Club. Our aim is to put you in the events where you’ll be best represented and that ultimately increase the value of the car.


Joe Robillard and VMM take Best of Show - Sport for Saturday at Greenwich Concours d'Elegance

This 1952 Cunningham C3, #5206, is the prototype of the Vignale-bodied Cunninghams, and has a distinctive low roofline, inboard front signal lamps, and curved window glass. Orignially mated to a Chrysler 3-speed manual transmission, #5206 was prepped for classic rally use when it was restored by Tom Armstrong in Seattle, and was run in the Colorado Grand, and recently completed the Vintage Rallies New England 1000, just before being driven to Greenwich. In the weeks leading up to the Greenwich Concours, with the car being driven rather than trailered, it has racked up over 1500 miles, running beautifully for every one.
This was the first time the Cunningham was shown at an established concours since Pebble Beach in 2006, so winning Best of Show is all the more amazing. The award is a testament to the work VMM has done to get the car to this stage.

Joe Robillard and VMM win Best American Sporting Car at The Elegance at Hershey

After driving back home to New Jersey from Greenwich, the Cunningham went to Monticello Motor Club for the soft-open of the new Collector Car Gallery on June 9th. After driving back home from there the same day, it was driven out to Hershey, PA for the Elegance - a highly prestigious Concours where many of the cars are coachbuilt, one-off examples of already rare and vintage collectibles.
VMM's Cunningham C3 was honored with a best in class award - officially, Best American Sporting Car. While not winning best of show might seem like a bit of a disappointment, it's best to keep in mind that Hershey is more of an event for AACA pre-war automobiles, and the fact that the Cunningham was even invited to be part of the show is a testament to its significance.

Collector Car Gallery Opens at Monticello Motor Club

The Collector Car Gallery at Monticello Motor Club was opened to MMC members and visitors on June 9th, 2018. Once some final touches are made to the building, there will be a larger press event for the Gallery by mid-July.
Vintage Motor Management is in charge of the rotating collection of sports, exotic, and racing cars on display. Some highlights of the Collector Car Gallery include a Ferrari 288 GTO, 1972 Eagle Indycar on loan from the Indianapolis Motor Museum, the Aston Martin Vulcan featured a few years ago on BBC's Top Gear, the Wynn's Oil Livery Porsche 962, and the factory training 1967 Porsche 911R Prototype.

VMM Staff Articles

The VMM Team


Matt Peckham


  • Founder of Vintage Motor Management and Managing Partner of Art in Motion Concours d’Elegance at Monticello Motor Club
  • Former VP and Regional Manager, Financial Markets with Dell Computer


Kim Barnes


  • Former Business Development Manager for Harbor Duvall Graphics
  • Avid car collector and Concours/AACA judge
  • Client relationship manager and market specialist


Mike Mazzola


  • Former Senior Vice President and Head of Alternative Investments for MetLife
  • Monticello Motor Club member, racer and automobile collector
  • Financial and operations manager for VMM


Tom Lamb


  • 30 year Marketing Executive working with brands such as MasterCard, AT+T and Intel
  • Villanova University Center for Consumer and Marketing Insights, Board Member
  • Chief of Marketing at VMM


Dave North

Strategic Advisor

  • Founder of Custom Index, Inc.
  • Penn-Jersey Regional Director for the Ferrari Club of America
  • COO managing projects and partner relationships


Matthew Orendac

Strategic Advisor

  • Private Client Services at Hagerty Insurance
  • Concours judge and Art in Motion Car Selection Committee Chairman


Tim Mohan

Collection Manager

  • Factory-Authorized Technician for Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Land Rover, and Aston Martin (Shop Foreman)
  • 12 years in investment management as corporate credit analyst and bond trader


John Peckham

IT Director

  • Ithaca College, BS Environmental and Computer Science, 2018
  • CRM and database architecture and IT support



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